One of the Most Thought Provoking Speeches Ever

It is great and very thought provoking.

The Better Man Project ™

Before I close my eyes at night I think of all the great gifts I have been given, the talents, the opportunities and then I think about my dreams. What I truly wish for in life. What I want to strive for. How far I wish to stretch. What really gets me going.

Alan Watts is amazing. Before I get into this, if you want to hear more of his speeches I have compiled them here.

I want to do something outrageously cool. I want to stretch. I want to take myself beyond where I have been and go to where I have never thought of before. I want to break the habits, hurdle the obstacles, and become the man I know I can be.


A long time ago, a teacher told me that the first step in any journey is “accepting your current condition.” I accept that reality…

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