Living a Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian is awesome!

It may sound difficult to accomplish at first, but if you are thinking about making the transition, don’t think twice, I promise, you wont miss meat.

I am hispanic, so yes, my family is used to eating lots of meat and chicken, so at first I thought that it would be very difficult because I used to love the taste of meat.

One day, as a matter of fact, the first day of the year 2011, I decided to not eat cow meat anymore. I chose this day because most of the tempting festivities were over. I started slowly, not eating any beef or pork.

“This is not too hard”, I would say to my self, and eventually I stopped eating chicken as well, I never really liked sea food, so that wasn’t hard at all.

The first few months I noticed an awesome change, I no longer felt the “heaviness” associated with eating meat. I would also feel less “oily” and I even felt less guilty after eating. Since I had never stopped eating meat before the transition, I used to eat a lot of meat substitutes made of soy, which were pretty close to the real thing, but were completely processed and artificially flavored.

After a couple more months, I stopped drinking milk, I still eat cheese and yogurt, but I don’t drink milk. Almond milk is amazing. I have also tried flaxseed milk, which is very tasty, it has the texture of horchata (its a rice-milk-drink), and a nice flavor, but it has a bitter after taste.

And I would love to transition to vegan, but I think I will wait a couple more years, or months, I don’t know yet.

And that is the story of how I became a vegetarian. If you have questions about being a vegetarian, or tips for going vegan, ask me or share them with me!!



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15 thoughts on “Living a Vegetarian

  1. Woah this reminds me so much of myself. I am too from a family which consumes a ton of meat, and one day I just decided to go vegetarian, and have been for a year and five months (today actually!) now. I also want to turn to veganism, but have never dedicated myself to that, but who knows?

    • Glad we could relate! I wish my family could turn vegetarian too, but at least they don’t consume as much meat as we used to. Yeah, the transition may see though, but as I see it, it’s better to switch gradually, giving up eggs first, for a couple of days, then weeks, until you stop, and then the same thing with milk products. I don’t know, maybe it is better to stop all together, or maybe you/ I/ we should get inspired to go vegan by seeing how good it is, for the animals, the planet, and for us!

      • I like the idea of a gradual approach to veganism, it sounds more duable than quitting cold turkey. Being vegan is something i would love to transition to in a few months or elmaybe longer. My family too has learned a lot after I became a vegetarian, mainly other things they could sub for meat. Its been a whole learning experience for me, one I am more than happy to continue.

      • Yes, it does sound easier, and I think that as more people transition to vegetarians, more people learn about it, and like a chain reaction, we can decrease the consumption of meat! Hahaha, at least I hope. I’m glad you like being a vegetarian, and whenever you transition, I hope to learn from your experience, or if I do it first, then we could learn from each other! 😀

      • Yes learning from one another sounds great! And I get the chain reaction event, because my being a veggie has influenced three people to give vegetarianism a try. They didnt last, but they did admit that being a veggie was a good choice they hoped to continue at another time. Just the fact that ppl are willing to give it a chance, its the best filling ever.

      • Yeah I totally get you, because since I became a vegetarian, I feel…happier, lighter, better! And that is worth spreading!!! Also, not just about how I feel, but how, even though animals are still slaughtered, I am not part of the consumers!

      • Yes! Everyone says “your not making a difference if its only you” and maybe the difference is minimal, but little by littlebit can become greater and greater. And yes, lighter, better, happier!

  2. Whoa, this is very inspiring to hear. A few years ago, I remember looking at a plate of shrimp and thinking, “These shrimp, however small, died for this meal.” I wanted to try vegetarianism, but my mom told me that I “needed it as a growing athlete.” I hope to try to cut back and even eliminate meat from my diet in the future, especially since I’ll have more freedom of choice at college. Thanks for sharing your story! You have made me feel even more confident about vegetarianism.

    • Awesome to hear! Another similar experience happened to me where some friends cooked a live lobster, and, well, it died for our meal! Yes, now you can try other foods that have equal or more protein, and even save money when you get your protein ( I’ve heard that one should save up when in college, and lentils and beans are wayyy cheaper than meat and have a lot of protein too ;))
      When I go to college, I think I will try veganism because that way I won’t have to deal with my parents disappointment at the breakfast table when I tell them I can’t eat a delicious cheese omelette my dad made for me :/
      Hahaha, hope to hear more from you! And try going vegetarian, maybe you will find that it suits your lifestyle!

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