Thoughts: On Older People

I like to rant in an unorganized manner:

I love old people, I mean that I really appreciate elderly people, or just people with experiences. 
You see, my grandmother came to visit us and was I blown away by her wisdom!

I have spent less than two decades on this Earth, and I feel like I’ve absorbed tons of information and knowledge, and I hope I continue to do so. With knowledge comes power, and it is not that I am a power hungry person, but I do like to know things; I think that might be why I like reading survival stories, or learning useful skills, as well as other types of information. I also adore stories; since I can’t live a thousand lives (and be fully aware of it, maybe), I like to read about them, or be told about them. This might explain why I love blogs, and reading biographies.

Anyways, I really learned a great deal of things within the two days that my grandmother spent with us. From the happiness and the hardships of childhood in her small town, to the really dramatic difficulties, and tough decisions that she had to go through in order to be where she is now. I really think that all people should be cherished, but I believe that sometimes we tend to forget about older people.

They are some of the most valuable members of society, in my opinion. Yes, everyone is important; children are the future, working people are improving life as I type this; however, old people, they were the future once, they worked hard to be where they are right now, they have lived through adventures, hardships, emotions, great incidents, regular incidents, etc. And I feel like sometimes, in a society that is eager to move on and is always on a tight schedule, we tend to overlook these glorious beings. Of course, I am not saying that just because you are older, you must be glorified; however, if you have gone through life, you deserve to be listened.

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