Thinking about majors

Many of the people who are on wordpress tend to be older than the I am. So my struggles might seem different and also less important than those of others who struggle with raising a child, or that are going through a mid-life crisis, but is there such a thing as a quarter-life crisis?

Getting to be someone in this world is quite a decision to make; at eighteen you are expected to know what you want to do with your life, yet in a manner that helps others, but is also pleasing. I find this decision to be incredibly difficult, since a college major can have a huge impact in your life; I want to be a doctor, but the reality is that not all people are able to reach that position. I was thinking about what I wanted to major in: biology, biochemistry, public health sciences, psychology, anthropology… those are all interesting majors, but which one will really get me somewhere if I do not make it into med school.

Why do I even worry about this, sometimes I look back and I realize that I’ve spent many hours thinking about my future instead of living in my present. I hope that I know what is the right path for me before it is too late to turn back

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