The Little Adventures in Life

The title makes it seem as if this is going to be a very deep post, but not really, its just about a little “adventure” I had the other day!

I mainly sit on the desk in my room the whole afternoon after I get home from school, I don’t complain, since it goes by really quickly ( I actually wish I had more hours to finish my homework and study), and also because I have a great view from the window I face. It’s quite beautiful, we have an entrance to a hill and some wooden steps carved into the green dirt, oh, but the sky. I guess I hadn’t noticed it, but every afternoon I get to see the beautiful sky as it puts on its afternoon gown to greet us goodbye for the day, and to introduce us to the sparkling beautiful sky. Well, I went up to take some pictures, and then I decided to climb the hill. My brother, who is one year younger than me, decided that he wanted to come with me, and thank goodness he did, and that he remembered our dad bought us some flashlights for “adventuring”, and on we went. On the way there, we saw the park, and we could see the high school clearly, since there was some sort of game going on. The sun was saying its last goodbye as we reached the top, and I had never been there, but his track team does all the time, so he was used to the view. Anyways, I was happily snapping pictures of the glowing town, and then I looked up and saw the beautiful stars and… STARS… soo, it dawned upon me that we were up in this hill with two head flashlights, no phones, on a hill rumored to be full of spiders and snakes, at night. 

We proceeded to walk rapidly, mumbling to ourselves that this was really nothing to be afraid of, however, since we have been overprotected by our parents since birth and we were on a hill by ourselves, we thought we were going to die. As fear crawled into our brains, we began hearing noises, seeing snake skin that we hadn’t noticed on our way up there,  and seeing every twig as a snake. We reached a less awkwardly-angled side of the path, and we saw a curious looking branch in the middle of the dirt, anndd it was big, and it had eyes…and I had never heard my brother scream so loud as when that little bird, blinded by our flashlights, flied confused into the night. From this point on, we decided to run home, and as we approached the gate to our backyard, we began realizing how contorted our minds had been for a couple of minutes.

It was very fun, and I realized a couple of things. First, adrenaline rushes are pretty much the best; provably not if you are fighting a lion or saving a baby from a burning house, even though that is what they make us do, they really lift your mood up and make you feel invincible for a while. I also realized that fear can twist the way you perceive things, we became scared sheep for a second on that hill as we ran away from the snakes that were definitely following us. My brother was convinced that little bird was a huge owl with red, fiery eyes. And finally, you don’t need to look far to find an adventure. I always tell my dad, that after I work for a couple of years, I will get enough money to travel and have a life full of adventures, but it never occurred to me, being a naive girl, that adventures don’t have to all involve finding the holy grail. Image

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