Thoughts: The Alchemist

Have you read “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho? If you haven’t, you definitely should, it has provably have been the book that has changed my life the most, and I haven’t even finished it yet!
I’m not going to spoil it, but I will talk about a personal legend. How we a all born with one, and it is in our instincts to fulfill it. Isn’t that beautiful?!
I think what makes me so happy about the possibility of having a personal legend,is that it gives some purpose to my life, that even when I don’t know what I want at the moment, maybe there is something inside of me that guides me to my ‘legend’ that does know what the real me wants.
I think that is really cool, because,even though it is a book written by a man, who maybe just came up with the idea of a ‘personal legend’, but it is something that I want to believe in. Because if it is true, then even in my darkest moments, when I am lost, or when I feel like I am ready to give up, there is that drive inside of me that will lead me to my personal legend. Even if the destination isn’t at a grandiose place, where I end up a millionaire, and I get all of the chocolate that I desire, it is comforting for me to believe that I, even if I don’t know it/ feel like it, know what I am supposed to do.
I like the idea of omens too, but I’m not so sure if I believe in them, because the Shepard boy in the book sees many omens, but they are just regular things. I think that I would be a bit more skeptical, but who knows. Those are just my thoughts on “The Alchemist”, before I finish the book, maybe I will write more after I finish the book.

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