Thought: Being Someone Else and Assumptions

I am currently sitting on my floor, leaning on the side of my brown couch. The TV is on, A Haunted is on, but I am not watching, I just like the sound. The air conditioner keeps the house really cold, I like the feeling or air in between my toes. I have had a good,relaxing day.
Why am I telling you all of this? That’s the same question I am asking myself right now.
I think I am telling you all my thoughts, so you can compare them with your life at the moment.
Sometimes I just assume what people are thinking, or whether people remember me, or whether people think as I do.
And here is the thing, I don’t know what it is to be another person, if I have been another person in a past life or whatever, I don’t know. However, I do know right know that I shouldn’t just assume things about people because there is no way that I could know enough about a person to assume things about them.
What makes us assume things?
At least for me, I assume things based on the need to know. To know things about that stranger who glanced at me while I crossed the street.
What was he thinking about when he looked at me? Does he think I walk funny? Do I have something on my face? Do I know him? Was he even looking at me?!
And I am not saying that assuming things is a bad thing, however, when most of the things that you assume are negative, then you can end up making a wrong judgement, or hurting yourself.
That’s it, the thought for today.

7 thoughts on “Thought: Being Someone Else and Assumptions

  1. You are right. Assumptions based one or only a few observations is as bad as making a judgement based on the same. It’s amazing how we do this all the time and even congratulate ourselves for our astuteness, but when someone makes an assumption or error in judgement against us, we become angered.

    • Exactly, the thing is that, for example, my grandmother would say, “Do not look at that homeless person because he provably does drugs”, and saying that is both an assumption (because there is no way that she knew for sure that the person did drugs), and an unjust judgement ( by judging the person for being homeless)! This way, she would not have to give the man aid, but not feel bad about it. I am not saying she did this on purpose, but even though it might have seemed harmless, she was encouraging, unknowingly, this type of assumption and judgement.

  2. Now that is a good point about her motivations and one I’ve never even thought about, but I will from now on. I wonder if she was aware of why she said and acted as she did. I wonder how many people are aware? You’re a smart lady!

    • Hahaha, thanks! I am not quite sure if she knows why she did this, ,or if she did this with a good reason. Sometimes we say things that seem natural to us, without thinking, and that is not bad, it’s a part of who we are, maybe even a natural ‘reflex’. Whenever I make unjust judgements, they only seem natural at first, it later on, I reflect on my thoughts and I realize that maybe I unjustly judged that girl because she seemed to have a high self confidence, or I judged that man because he had done something that I always wanted to do, but never had the guts to. I don’t know if it makes sense, but I think, that although bad, a judgement can be an observation, or an assumption, or maybe even a way of self-defense, even if it seems wrong.

  3. Hello!

    Liked your thoughtful post about making assumptions about others! My thoughts on this are that while we may be off about our assumptions, we still have to understand that these assumptions came from somewhere. Such as past conditioned experiences, negative or positive, that trigger our instincts to expect similar outcomes. I agree that your grandmother was making an unfair judgment when assuming the homeless person does drugs especially when her comment painted this person in an unfavorable light without giving him/her a chance to prove him/herself. However, I also feel prompted to question what background and context did your grandmother grow up in? Perhaps having grown up in an environment where homelessness and drug usage tend to converge has fashioned her outlook towards homeless people? It’s just some food for thought though, and while we should best give every person a fair chance I think its also good to constantly reflect upon our thoughts in an inquisitive manner as a way of learning more about ourselves, albeit in a light-hearted rather than judgmental manner (not that you were) 🙂 Also glad to hear about your journey towards vegetarianism/veganism. Hope everything goes well for you! Cheers

    • Nice thoughts! yes, my grandmother lives in a big city, and it seems as if sometimes in big cities, people fall into poverty, and while not all of them do, there are those evidently who do drugs. I have some unfair thoughts myself, and while part of me feels bitter towards the part of me that judges, I like to understand why part of me judges in such a blunt manner, while another part wants to be completely open minded and in a light hearted manner. I like how you said that if we reflect, we learn about ourselves, and I also like how you saw all of the sides of the situation. Thanks so much!! 😀

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