Thought: Back to School

Sigh, it’s that time of the year again. Back to school time. I actually love going back to school, the rush you get when you find out about your new schedule, your new teachers, when you see who you will learn along with, and the smell of new school supplies. However, I also remember the stress, how irritated I become as time passes, and the anger I tend to develop.
I might just be focussing only on the dark aspects of school, but maybe it’s because those are the sides that really bother me. I think school is ok, you learn stuff, you interact with people maybe you wouldn’t on your own, but there is also a frustrating aspect towards it.
I only have one more year of high school to go, and then I am off to college. I always end up thinking a lot about college, and the future, and life. This isn’t always good as it leads to anxiety about how short or how long life is, depending on my mood.
I really hope this year is a good one.

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