Thoughts: The Villain Inside of Me

Once in a while, a situation will make me so uncomfortable, or sad, or angry, that it makes me wonder when will my inner villain burst through me?
I am not sure if this is because my life revolves around movies, books and other forms of telling stories, where there is sure to be a hero, so there must be a villain.
I am pretty sure it isn’t good to feel like this, not the emotions part, but the fact that all of these emotions arise due to self-pity.
It all starts with a feeling, and this leads to a realization that life is not fair, mostly my life, and then I picture myself as a movie villain, with the costume and the exploding cars and buildings in the distance, the whole thing. Then I realize that I am just being silly. And then there are other times that I feel like I will eventually crack, and its not going to be pretty. But don’t worry, I will control myself.
If everyone actually acted upon their first and most impulsive feelings/ reactions, I don’t think this would be the same world that we are living in.
I just thought I’d share this,because in some way I find it hilarious.
Does anyone else do this, or something like this? Maybe it is normal, and most people feel it, but no one wants to talk about it. :O

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