What Scares Me

Fear is a natural instinct. If fear is something that we are made to avoid, why do we watch scary movies?
I am guilty of this, yesterday I was watching a ‘scary’ movie, it was about aliens and well, it wasn’t that good. However, I got really freaked out for a second, but towards the end, when there was a resolution, I was relieved.
It was funny because, whenever there was a frightening scene, I would feel the blood rush to my stomach, and goosebumps form on my arms as I began wondering about what I would do if aliens came to visit me at night.
So then, I guess what I like about horror films is the feeling I get when a frightening scene comes up. Also I like planning for when a situation like the one on the tip arises, you always need to be ready for when those pesky aliens visit earth. 😉

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