Thoughts 2: more inner thoughts and conflicts

I really want to travel. There are so many things to see and so little time, many opportunities, but very though decisions. I am not yet old enough to do much and what consoles me is that, we’ll, even though I can’t ride a plane to Africa or Europe, there are many things that are easily available that I could began exploring.

Even the human mind is amazing. A couple hours ago I realized that I have been silent, in school, at home, even online. There is nothing wrong with that, but in my point of view as of now, I don’t want to be quiet anymore, I want to let my thoughts exit my mind swiftly and smoothly.

What I say here is basically, as I see things, not that everything I say is right or the way it’s supposed to be or whatever.

I am pretty quiet when it comes to Socratic seminars, I fear that I will be wrong or that I will be made fun of, what if I actually shared my thoughts, expressed my self. OH MY DEAR LORD, I JUST REALIZED ITS NOT SO COMPLICATED TO SAY THINGS AND TO NOT BE AFRAID… Oh no, now I will provably regret doing that.

Whenever, if ever, someone reads this can you tell me if you have discussions between the many ‘yous’, because I do

2 thoughts on “Thoughts 2: more inner thoughts and conflicts

  1. I often have discussions between the various parts of myself. It’s nice to see that you do too. I personally am not a fan of socratic seminars at all. But I guess that’s just because I hate talking in class. Great blog!

    • Its good to know that I am not the only one! I think that by talking to yourself, you get to know who ‘you’ are. I have the same issue, and the thing is that it is not that I have nothing to say, I just don’t like speaking, and to be quite honest, I feel that my confidence drops by like 80% when I am in school, and I feel very nervous about talking. Thanks for commenting, and thanks for your compliment! 🙂

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