Thoughts: grandparents, past, education

Whenever I do thoughts, I will just be doing what I was advices not to do, which is writing what I’m thinking with no ‘filter’

I like playing guitar, the thing is that it takes a lot of effort, however, there are tons of people out there who play the guitar. It may be that they actually enjoy playing the guitar, or maybe they have a gift. It’s not that I don’t like the guitar, which I do, I guess it’s more that I’m scarred my teacher will say something about how I haven’t been practicing, which he says anyways, I don’t know why I fear him, he is a really nice guy. What is this, a diary?
Might as well be, just a public diary that anyone can read, I don’t even know how to use WordPress, but its treating me nicely so I guess I will just keep publishing my thoughts until I get tired or offended or whatever.

I was thinking the other day about how for at least two generations, my family has struggled financially. My grandpa used to work really hard in order to help his family survive, and then at a young age my dad began helping him. When they recap these emotional memories, they tell us that we have it good, and that we should be grateful of what we have, and I am. I haven’t lived any hardships in my life, and yet I feel miserable from time to time. If my grandpa could give a message to the youth, it would be: study. That’s all the advice be gives me, that I should study and work hard, I think he says that because that’s the way my dad found a way out of hardships, now we have a sheltered life, almost privileged.

I also realized that none of my grandparents have finished school, they can read, write, do basic math and they know many, many things. It’s not that they didn’t want to, it’s just that they couldn’t.

I am Mexican, and so are all of my grandparents, well, they are a mixture of European and native descent, but if they had to work since they were young, that means that Mexico wasn’t nearly as developed as it seems to be today, less than 60 years ago. Arguably, it could still be in the same shape, or maybe it doesn’t seem to be so undeveloped form my view point, but someone less fortunate wishes that the country would progress.

Wow I wrote a lot, I will write more in another post, it feels really good to get that out of my head, it feels like I have let some air out of a balloon that is my head

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